"We purchased our JETporter in 2001 after considering most, if not all, of the alternative units. The unit has operated flawlessly and effortlessly even on Wisconsin's worst snow and ice covered ramps. We would not hesitate to recommend JetPorter to anyone looking for a flexible, reliable and easy to operate tug." 

- Scott Dann, Dann Bros. Insurance


"I highly recommend JETporter. Overall maintenance, reliability, and ease of operation make these units cost effective. Tech support is fast and efficient." 

- Jim Allen, Operations Supervisor (CLL), Texas A&M University Easterwood Airport


Gulfstream put our JETporter Aircraft Tugs through the paces handling their entire fleet in the most challenging conditions.
Comments included:

  • We moved a G550 with a full load of fuel into the fuel pit and back up to the ready spot on the ramp with ease.
  • We operated for 5 days on the ramp before we put the unit on charge.
  • We pulled a G200 into the hangar and removed the tug by maneuvering under the aircraft wing. We cannot do this with any other tug.
  • With JETporters centerline steering we noticed the nose and wing tips never moved while maneuver under the belly of the aircraft.

We had better control maneuvering aircraft with JETporter than with other tugs. One technician said, "It’s easier to use than the red tug!"


"We took a lot of time evaluating the different tugs that are available on the market and came away with the fact that the JETporter was superior to anything else out there. I want to personally thank you for producing such a great product and for also having the best customer service and support around. We would highly recommend your products to anyone looking for a first rate aircraft tug!" 

- Bill Ehrhorn, Marathon Jet Center


"I have used all type of tugs, electric and conventional, but the JETporter with its reliability, safety, various ground power capabilities, outstanding customer service and attention to detail is the company I use for all my electric aircraft towing needs; it is a quality product I believe in." 

- Stephen Leidigh, General Manager, Landmark Aviation


"We purchased a JP30 Jet Porter in October. A friend in an adjacent hanger bought a competitor's model. I have used both to pull his King Air 350 to our fuel farm and back and there a significant difference between the two electric tugs (both are comparably rated). The biggest difference is when we return the fully fueled aircraft back to the hanger up a 1 to 1.5 degree sloping taxiway. The Jet Porter pulls it effortlessly and the other model bogs down and creeps along even though fully charged. We also use the on-board GPU for engine cold starts which it handles with ease. A Falcon 20 will be coming to our hanger soon. I expect the Jet Porter will handle that aircraft with ease since it has the two speed differential. We could not be more pleased with our purchase." 

- Chic Myers, CEO, Integrity Air, Inc.