JP100S - 100,000 lb Capacity

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Moves general aviation up to large business class aircraft. The world’s only separately excited motors and regenerative braking tractor give the JP100S better throttle control, lower power requirements, longer run time between charges and ease of operation. This unit has the best turning radius in the industry and smoothest deceleration.

Standard Features:

  • Dual, 10 hp motors on the front tractive wheels are “independently” excited and provide a few benefits
    • Reversing the inside wheel and speeding up the outside wheel creates the best turning radius, virtually eliminated wingtip shift
    • Capture and spot aircraft with only one approach
  • Smooth deceleration regen-braking creates a shorter, smoother stop, no hard stops like others
  • Sit down model (forward reverse option available)
  • Headlights and rear facing LED lights
  • LED Strobe light and side marker lights
  • Automatic oversteer protection sensors
  • Suspension system dampens transmitted vibration for passengers, crew and operator
  • Suspension seats for operator and passenger
  • Two packs of Eight deep cycle 6V batteries
  • Low maintenance, solid rubber tires
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Safety straps
  • Automatic activated/deactivated parking brake


Charger Option:

  • Single phase AC fully automatic
    • AMETEK Battery Charger JP-204-50 (50 Hz) or JP-204-60 (60 Hz) 




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